Cherry Token ($CHERRY) was created to provide the Cardano network with the essential topping to all treats, the cherry on top of your Sundae. We provide absolutely nothing other than memes, and we are NOT a dog! Just some sweet tart juicy meme goodness.


Send 3 ADA to the CHERRY TREE to shake loose some $CHERRY tokens.

To receive $CHERRY send 3 ADA from a Shelley era wallet that supports native assets. DO NOT send funds from an exchange wallet. Your funds could be lost and you will not receive any $CHERRY.

QR Code


Send EXACTLY 3 ADA to the wallet address above and receive back 1.45 ADA and a random amount of $CHERRY. Halving will be implemented.

Current Halving

% Chance Amount $CHERRY
1 % 2,500,000,000
6 % 500,000,000
15 % 250,000,000
20 % 200,000,000
40 % 125,000,000
12 % 50,000,000
6 % 25,000,000

You can only shake the tree once per transaction. You will receive 1.45 ADA back for each pull. Any amount received not equal to exactly 3 ADA will not be returned and considered a donation for the team.

Check Remaining Supply

Policy ID: e14fe3ab348f9a6198359481472601f4557b9f86984f40a186a3b1e8